Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If you think you've seen all the "escape from prison camp" flicks, you ain't seen shit until you've experienced Escape 2000.  This is cheesefest all the way, but the uncut version contains plenty of nudity and some good gory moments.  Plus the crazy synthesizer music is waaaaaay cool. 

Imagine a prison labor camp where four rich people want to enjoy a "turkey shoot."  The prey?  A selection of the finest, strongest inmates.  Throw in a goofy freak monster, loads of machine gun fire, exploding arrows, machete play, and ONE OF THE BEST GUY SHOT BY GUNFIRE UNTIL HE EXPLODES scenes I've ever seen. 

Good for all the wrong reasons, and the guiltiest of pleasures, do yourself a favor and check out Escape 2000 (Turkey Shoot). 

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