Thursday, October 20, 2011

Night of the Demon Code Red DVD Review

Having viewed "Mardis Gras Massacre" from Code Red's line of "Maria's "B' Movie Mayhem flicks and being seriously dissapointed in quality and content, I forced myself to have an open mind with "Night of the Demon."  From the hype of being a "Video Nasty" and often regarded as ultra gory, including an infamous penis ripping scene, I still had some reasons to be excited about viewing the film. So I'll get this out of the way, the tranfer isn't restored, as per the disclaimer at the beginning credits.  On the DVD disk itself it says "UNCUT..." as if Code Red isn't sure what version they really do have.  Maria as host again is underwhelming.  You get about two minutes of her trying to be cute, but she doesn't have any real movie knowledge of "Night of the Demon" or shows any honest interest in these kinds of films.  She's a body for hire.  Where's Elvira when you need her?  So back to the film itself.  A professor leads a group of college students to the woods to investigate random disapperences of people in the woods and the suspicion of Bigfoot being the culprit.  You get a lot of meandering around the woods, talking to towns folk, and flashbacks of Bigfoot killing random people.  The group even runs into an attempted rape during a sacrifice to their Bigfoot God.  All of this is done by poor acting, some of it funny, most of it headache inducing.  Okay, so let's cut the shit.  Is the gore good?  Are their lots of boobies?  Does Bigfoot kick some serious ass?  Yes and no.  The gore isn't done with a whole lot of flair, though Bigfoot throwing a guy in a sleeping bag in a heap of sharp sticks was pretty funny.  The rest is pretty amateurish; even the penis-ripping scene fails to live up to the hype.  It's backyard DIY gore, so don't expect Tom Savini caliber effects, or even effects from a Hinzman film.  So is this film so bad it's good?  It'd say fifteen minutes of this film is worth watching, the rest is terribly boring.  It's an overhyped video nasty movie, at best.  It's more enjoyable than "Mardis Gras Massacre" by a severed penis, but it's no "Troll 2."  Am I pissed I purchased the movie?  Not at all.  It's a great addition to the collection for the rabid horror movie collecter, but if you're a casual fan of B-movies, then stay away; paying for this would piss you off. 

DVD release quality: C
Enjoyability for the true b-movie fan: C+
Enjoyability for the rest of the world: D-

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