Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scorpion Releasing's "Final Exam" DVD Review

Final Exam [DVD]Fan of slasher movies from the 80's?  Fan of slasher movies from the 80's without any gore?  Wait, wait, don't give up on this movie just yet!  Sure, "Final Exam" falls into the "average" slasher movie category, and there's no real mystery to who the killer is because it's just some random guy who justs shows up on campus and starts picking off people.  But the one thing that does work for "Final Exam" is its mood.  Mid-terms are over, and the campus is nearly abandoned.  Nobody is around to help the characters in distress.  And there are two really funny characters named "Radish" and a guy that reminds me of "Ogre" from Revenge of the Nerds that I really enjoyed.  So if you can appreciate mood and characters without gore or mystery, then give this one a try.  I enjoyed it much more watching it the second time around on Scorpion Releasing's DVD with delectable horror host "Katarina."  Unlike "Maria" from Code Red's line of "Maria's B Movie Mayhem" line, Katarina appears to have actually watched the movie and has formed her own opinion of the film.  Her speil was brief, though, but enjoyable.  Also, the film transfer is beautiful!  So overall, a good buy for big time horror fans and a rental for those curious about an old school slasher film without blood. 

DVD Release: A
Grade for Big Time Horror Fans: B-
Grade for Everybody Else: C

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