Thursday, March 10, 2011


Here it is, "Zombies and Power Tools" in all its glory.  But what is that you're thinking, dear readers?  'Ugh, another zombie novel. Why?'  Well wait, here's why you should give this one a shot over the slew of others that are coming out every other day.

1.  Zombies use power tools on people to kill them.
2.  This is not a post-apocalypse novel.  This is set in present day. 
3.  These zombies have motives.  They don't talk, though they write messages in blood.
4.  What allows the dead to come back to life in this book hasn't been done before.  It's not a virus or a plague or voodoo.  The reason the dead are alive is gruesome, shocking, and above all else, integral to the plot.
5.  This book has a conclusion.  No open-ended last chapters.  The conflict is resolved, wrapped up in a bloody package.
6.  And did I mention zombies use power tools to kill their victims?

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