Sunday, January 2, 2011

Special Message from your favorite cannibal, Hayden Grubaugh!

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm Hayden Grubaugh, your favorite cannibal villain from "Inside the Perimeter: Scavengers of the Dead."  2010 was a wild year, but 2011 appears to have even more surprises in store for us.  First, I wanted to tell everyone I've recovered from my gastric bypass surgery.  Thanks for the cards and words of concern.  I'm back to carving it up!

I also wanted to say I've been reading my buddy Alan Spencer's newest novel, "Ashes in Her Eyes," and I have to say, I'm scared shitless.  It's hard to read a book with your eyes closed, it's that creeptastic.  I give my bloody stamp of approval on this piece of bloody fiction. 

Speaking of bloody approval, I'm happy to tease you with another surprise in 2011.  Keep checking this blog.  Alan Spencer has another announcement very soon.  Get ready to line your carpet with plastic, it's going to get nasty!

Yours truly,


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