Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Collection Theatrical Movie Review

I was a mild fan of The Collector when it came out.  It wasn't original, but the execution and grisly deaths made it a fun enough ride.  Who would've thought a wide-release sequel would've ever happened, but it did!

The Collection, straight up, is a fucking blast.  Our collector is at it again.  The character who survived the first movie leads a group of what you'd call mercenaries, or bad asses, to the collector's hideout to save a rich guy's daughter from imminent slaughter. 

The Collection throws mass slaughter, killer traps, fun gore, and mile-a-minute action.  Horror fans will revel in the way it delivers mindless thrills.  Those who aren't big horror fans and don't enjoy squeamish stuff will shy away, but it's all done in the mode of fun. 

I highly recommend you see this in the theatres.  It doesn't seem like the box office take is that high, and I guess I'm not completely surprised.  Plus, the mainstream critics have given this one the thumb's down.  Well horror fans, I'm here to say they're FUCKING WRONG.  If you like slasher movies, gore movies, or a thrill ride, this one delivers.  It's not Oscar worthy or anything, but it delivers. 

Grade: A-
Mainstream Critics: "F" for Fuck You

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