Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Boogens DVD Review

Every horror fan loves a ressurrected movie from the obscure ether.  The very thought of re-living the by-gone days gets us drooling, so does The Boogens invoke nostalgia, or does it induce I want my money back? 

I don't want my money back.  Paramount/Olive Films/Amazon have my money, and they can keep it, because this film was a lot of fun.  Number one, the characters are likeable and funny.  Two, it's old school monster horror.  Three, the transfer is superb. 

Sure, the monsters don't get much screen time, but there is solid atmopshere, some gore, some nudity, and a lot of fun.  It's not a high body count film, and the monster bits don't add up to more than five minutes, but overall, it's a fun ride if you're not throwing too many expectations on it.  Creature Feature fun before CGI stole movie making creativity. 

The plot's pretty simple.  Old cave gets blown up to mine, old monsters get out, and it's up to a few locals to stop them. It sounds tired, but the characters and old school effects inspire me to give it the Alan Spencer two thumbs up. 

If you're dying for another gem, it might not be here, but for basic monster movie fans, it'll sate you. 

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