Tuesday, August 7, 2012

B-Movie Attack is out on e-book, fright fans!

  Today's the day!  B-Movie Attack's out on e-book.  Here's book number two from Samhain Publishing.  The tits!  The blood!  The hookers!  The dismemberment!  The unholy terror sicked on Chicago!  This is all in B-Movie Attack, and so much more.  If you're a fan of horror, laughs, blood, terror, or anything else I can fit in my horror blender, please give it a shot.  B-Movie Attack's available on Amazon and Samhain Publishing's website.

And don't forget about part one, B-Movie Reels!  Learn how it all started!

And keep your eyes peeled for my next book from Samhain Publishing coming in 2013 called Psycho Therapy. 

Until we meet again, staunch those bleeding wounds, get off the slab at the morgue, and live another day for horror!

-Alan Spencer

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