Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dynamite Body Bag and The Place They Are Safe Released

Those of you who have enjoyed my novellas will enjoy Dynamite Body Bag.  I've re-released several novellas in this collection, such as Washing Machine Holocaust and Severed Head Beat Down, and updated them for this collection.  Also added are several new short stories never before unleashed upon the general public.  Ten novellas and eight short stories, folks.  Now let's blow up some body bags!!!

I also released a new full-length novel called The Place They Are Safe.  This one is about a town that can save a person from death.  This gift is given with an ultimate price tag attached.  Imagine Twin Peaks meets a fairy tale meets sex and gore.  As we all know, no place is truly safe...

Okay folks, keep on truckin' and reading books.  Take care and long live horror!

-Alan Spencer

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