Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Horror Update

I haven't entered much in my blog in eons, so I decided to post some of my thoughts on writing recently.  I'll be honest, it's been tough.  I think after all these years, I haven't really found my audience yet.  Horror books are like that, I guess.  It's either all or nothing.  I'm grateful for those random people who post something in regards to my work or give me a shout out.  Those people have really kept me going.  I love the fans out there.  You're absolutely wonderful.  A lot of other writers have chimed in too, especially Kristopher Rufty, who has helped me with multilple covers on previous independent projects like Storks, Failed Rituals, and The Speed of Death.

My low sales in the book department kind of reminds of that documentary done about the metal band Anvil.  Do you keep on doing what you love even if you have to keep playing in empty rooms?  This isn't by any means a sob story, this blog entry.  I've had opportunities to be published in a professional setting, and I've learned a lot.  But I can't lie.  It bothers me why I haven't reached that "tipping point".  So what does a person do to make things better?  Cry?  Jump off a bridge?

None of those things, obviously.  The answer is I don't have the answer.  So I'm not sure how long I'll keep going full-throttle on the writing, but I still have a number of ideas I want to write no matter how good or bad my sales are.  Why?  Because I want to have a good time.  Empty room or not, they're going to happen. 

I do have B-Movie War coming out sometime in the next year, and that'll be a wild ride.  I've got other pending projects, including a big collection of all of my novellas like Washing Machine Holocaust, Gasm, Storks, and Humpty Dumpy Says Fuck You.  It probably doesn't help I just got off a big stint of unemployment and things got a bit rough.  Maybe the creative sparks and the joy will come back, and who knows, maybe you'll never get rid of me, even if my tip jar is empty. 

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