Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Embodiment of Evil" review, or FLOOD OF GUTS AND ASS!

An avalance of TNA and GORE!  A barrel of CHEESE and LONG INTESTINES!  A black top hat full of BLOOD!  If a person who didn't understand the zest and fun of b-horror movies, they would "embody" it after watching, er, "Embodiment of Evil." 
The rundown is simple.  Coffin Joe wants to find a nubile woman to have his child.  Suffice it say, he meets dozens of nubile women and still, he just can't find the right lady to have his son.  Man, I can feel for the guy.  Naked hot women are throwing themselves at this old b-movie icon, and it just doens't work out, so what do you do?  You keep looking for hot nubile women, damn it.  Sure, the plot is kinda stupid.  But who cares?  I haven't seen a movie that's made torture, gore, sex, and weird dreamy psycho stuff come off as such a cheesy good time.  People get seriously harmed in this movie, but damn it, it's fun.  There's either something wrong with me, or the filmmakers have got their hearts in the right place.  I give this movie an "A."  I'm shocked to see this low budget film come off as so ambitious.  Great gore, crazy set pieces, and the acting, well, don't worry about that.  You get your bang for your buck in this one.  And this is coming from a reviewer who hadn't seen any of the Coffin Joe movies from the black and white glory days of film. 

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