Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Need to Breathe Coming Soon!

Coming soon, the anthology No Need to Breathe!  Here's the final story list.  This includes my novella, Wear The Flesh

Raggedy Anne's on the Rag

Life Counseling

Send Your Fat to Africa

The Earth Has an Asshole

Nasty Demon Bitch

Talk Dirty to Me


The Gravity of the Situation

No Need to Breathe

Warm Reception

Bringing Life Into This World


Wear the Flesh
I'll admit there isn't a ton of glory in releasing your book independently. It's mostly for the sake of creative freedom that I'm doing it. I hope this one catches on, because I had a lot of fun writing these stories. And I've seen a lot of horror anthologies released lately, especially in the hardcore horror department, so I thought why shouldn't I give it a try? Well, here goes.
-Alan Spencer

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