Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samhain Horror is Alive!

Being a horror fan and author, I feel the need to mention some of Samhain's titles, not just because I'm a Samhain horror author, but because I've really enjoyed the titles they've been putting out.  I've purchased these with my own money, and I've crossed the line between fellow author to author fan.  Here's a few quick bullet style reviews for some of the titles I've especially enjoyed so far.
Elena Hearty's Donor manages to set up a precarious situations right off the bat.  A young woman is trapped in an apartment with two vampires, who want to use her as a blood donor for as long as she can last.  Then when she's used up, the vampires will brutally slaughter her.  What's a girl to do?  Donor is filled with angst, sympathetic and likeable characters, and a fast-paced writing style I can appreciate.  Fun read.  Loved it.

 Kristopher Rufty's Angel Board is  filled with characters who aren't perfect in their life choices or mental states, which provides a great stage for a murderous angel to take care of business.  Don't fuck with this angel, she'll mess you up.  A lot of vivid imagery also makes this horror novel one to check out.  Dark, savage, and also a lot of good old fashioned horror fun.  Recommended!

Hunter Shea's Forest of Shadows is a great novel of ghosts meets suspense.  Fun characters, tension, and paranormal atmopshere make this book a real page turner.  Straight up horror old school style. 

Frazer Lee's The Lamplighters really amps up the dripping horror atmosphere.  Imagine an island filled insane ghostly things and a flesh-loving killer to boot.  The book's not written like a conventional book towards the end, which really lends this one a surreal feel.  This is a pure horror lover's delight. 

 Jonathan Janz's The Sorrows is also another atmospheric rush.  Horror inside of a castle, how can you beat that?  Throw in tits, sexual fantasies, blood, and goat like monsters, and you've got a hell of a good time! 

More quick reviews of Samhain's horror titles to come.  Some people may accuse me of being biased, because I'm a fellow author, but I'm really coming at you as a horror fan.  I think straight horror has needed a boost for awhile, and here it is. I haven't had this much fun reading horror in a long time.  And folks, I don't get free copies, I'm paying for these with my own hard earned green backs.  I don't expect any of the authors to promote or say anything about my work either.  This is honest opinion straight from the horse's big mouth. 

-Alan Spencer

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