Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Novels So Far, and More to Come!

It's 2012, and for me, another year of fighting to reach an audience of readers.  Yeah, it's tough and slow going, but I'm trying to start this year off with a throat punch.  This Tuesday, February 7th, "B-Movie Reels" will be released on e-book with a June paperback release.  And keep your eyes peeled, because the sequel "B-Movie Attack" is right behind it, each book from Samhain Press.  I'm also proud to announce "Ashes in Her Eyes: Uncut Edition" will be out in February as well.  This is a re-release of a book I had published about a year ago.  It's re-edited, uncut, and better than ever.  And finally, I plan to release the sequel to "Cider Mill Vampires" by the end of the year on e-book.  This will be called "This Town Eats Everything." 
I'd like to thank all my friends and family who have shown support, as well as fellow authors who have shown their support and enthusiam for the genre and the craft of writing itself.  For those at Samhain Publishing, Living Dead Press, Open Casket Press, and Damnation Books, who've helped me every step of the way professionally, I extend my deepest thank you.  This writing thing I do isn't a fleeting interest.  It's a life long journey, and I can't wait to meet more people and accumulate new experiences.  And support your authors, no matter what genre they write in.  Read and buy books.  Happy 2012!

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