Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello Friends!  Please check out my latest novel, The Speed of Death!
What horrors await those who travel faster than the speed of death?

Kirby Sherwood is dead, not that it matters much onboard The Extended Life Express. This super train allows the recently deceased to live again for a short period of time. The secret? The super train travels faster than death itself. Kirby's life is extended by fourteen days because of this phenomenal cutting edge program. He enjoys the high end comforts of a resort on a train, and even experiences romance.

But things aren't going as planned during this particular ride. The train has surpassed its regulated speed, cutting through dimensions, and hurling itself towards death instead of away from it. Kirby must strap his sanity on tight as he faces off with the mysterious entities beyond this world who perfect death to mathematical and cunning perfection. Can Kirby escape this evil force, or will the final days of his extended life be filled with unrelenting terror?

The author of the novels "B-Movie Reels," "Dead Bitch in a Bathtub," and "The Three Days" brings you his next foray into high body count horror.

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