Sunday, September 16, 2012

.99 Cent Horror Days Are Here! This Town Eats Everything and Cider Mill Vampires

   So I'm not a bigtime author, and I'm sure making these two novels extra cheap on Amazon won't bring in a tidal wave of sales, but for the sake of Halloween and getting in the spirit of horror, I wanted to do something to celebrate.  Why does an author ultimately write?  So people will read their stuff--at least that's how I feel.
For a limited time, I'm making Cider Mill Vampires and This Town Eats Everything .99 cents.  And keep in mind the two books are in a series, but they're stand alone, so if one interests you more than the other, you won't be lost reading one over the other.  In any situation, keep buying books!  Happy Horror Days are Here!

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