Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's official!  "Cider Mill Vampires" has been released by Blood Red Press.  Buy it for 2.99 on amazon.com.  This is my fifth novel, and I'm especially proud of this one.  You've got monstrous/sexy vampires and a tabloid reporter chasing them with the help of yokels from Kansas.  I hope this finds an audience--if not now, at least sometime in my lifetime.  And don't forget, "Zombies and Power Tools" is out there and dying to be read.  Imagine a gory zombie mystery (emphasize the gore; it comes at you by the truck load).  The first ten people who enquire about "Cider Mill Vampires" will get a free e-copy!  Take care everyone and do the world a favor and keep buying books.  Period.

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